Arte y Pureza Flamenco Company

Arte y Pureza Flamenco Company provides a rare look into the purest forms of flamenco music and dance. The show brings powerful Gypsy singing from the legendary towns of Andalucía. Expect dazzling footwork, unique style as well as exposure to the art of “baile casero”, one of the oldest forms of Gypsy song and dance. The dissonant, melancholy notes of the company’s guitarists set the musical background for an unforgettable evening. Arte y Pureza is a display of artistry and personality rarely seen outside the intimate bars and private parties of Andalucía. Each individual artist is currently considered a major force in his or her field. It is a rare opportunity to see this much experience, energy and raw talent together on one stage.

Arte y Pureza features some of the most important figures in flamenco today. Among them, names like Inés Bacán, Concha Vargas, Miguel Funi, Tomás Perrate, and el Barullo all hail from Gypsy flamenco dynasties where singing and dancing flamenco is household culture. Other touring members of Arte y Pureza are some of the most intriguing names of younger professional artists based in Spain such as Javier Heredia, José El Oruco, Fabiola Perez, Gabriel de la Tomasa, Antonio Moya, Antonio Malena, Manuel Tañe, El Canastero, Saray Montoya, Cihtli Ocampo, Ethan Margolis, and Anabel Valencia.